8 Signs that you need to run, not walk, away from him.

October 6, 2018



1. If he has a personalised number plate. Trust me on this, as Taylor Swift once sang this guy loves himself more than he could ever love you!


2.      If he asks for your snapchat before asking for your number. The only reason he would do this is because he really doesn’t give a crap about wanting to get to know you. He just wants to see your pics or to be able to send you some…


3.     He's super vain. No girl wants a guy who spends more time looking in the mirror than you do.


4.      He calls his ex crazy.…. “Beware of the man who calls his ex crazy, she didn’t get there on her own.” It takes two people to create a toxic relationship. And if he's messing with your head by playing hot and cold you can be pretty sure he's pulled this stunt before.


5.      He’s insecure. Now don’t get me wrong we all have our insecurities but the problems begin when his insecurities are so deep rooted that he is constantly looking for validation and attention from multiple women all at the same time…we all know this guy, the one whose every line out of his mouth is a chat up line or a flirtatious joke, the guy who cannot remain faithful to one woman no matter how amazing she is because he constantly needs to be re-assured of his own self-worth and value. The problem is not you, it’s him and until he gets some therapy and sorts his own head out first unfortunately this guy will bring nothing but misery to every woman he gets involved with.


6.      You never know where you stand with him. We ladies like to refer to this as mixed messages, but the truth is they are not mixed at all. He is actually making it pretty clear; he is either just playing games with you or he only views you as an option and you precious lady in case you didn’t know it, are no one’s damn option.


7.      He calls you babe. The only reason he’s calling you babe is because he’s chatting to 10 other girls at the same time and he has trouble remembering all of your names. #truth


8.    He treats you as an object.  He doesn’t see you as a person with feelings, emotions, memories, dreams and desires. He doesn’t care what makes you sad or what makes you happy, all those things that make you the person that you are. He just wants a pretty little thing  to dangle on his arm. He sees your curves, your legs, your beauty but never ever your heart.


And you heart is far too valuable to give to someone who never ever deserved it or knew how to treat it with the care it requires.



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